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Becoming a client with us is as easy as it is rewarding. 

The approach we take with financial planning is very different than what you will find with most financial advisors. Advisors who focus only on the numbers and the money tend to be very formal, serious, and somewhat stuffy. We see financial planning as an emotional, hope-filled endeavor that evokes smiles and laughter. That’s not to say that we aren’t serious about numbers and money, but we don’t feel like working with them should create a roadblock to enjoying your journey…we keep it simple for you. When you walk through our doors, you’re greeted like family into a warm and welcome atmosphere that will free you to imagine the possibilities of where your life’s journey could take you.

Our clients come to us for the variety of services we perform and the personalization of those services.  They tend to be intelligent, humble people who are looking for an experienced advisory group that  links innovative advice within traditional values that allow them to better utilize, manage and transition their family’s traditions, wealth and values among current and future generations.

They see money as the fuel that makes their lives go. The Family Wealth Advisory Group team helps our families turn their money into comfort, education, travel, life experience, health, and philanthropy. We help them experience life as a journey and not a destination.


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