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At Family Wealth Advisory Group, we approach our Services as a means to helping our clients achieve their goals, not as a bulleted menu of tactics or product types designed to help a financial advisor sell specific products.

Business Team Using Tablet Computer To Work With Financial DataThrough our data gathering and in-depth initial client meetings, we are able to determine which types of services and planning are needed for your situation. We aren’t cookie cutter and never use a one-size-fits-all approach with our clients.

The core of what we do lies in financial planning and investment management.

The financial planning process ultimately produces your expedition map. The components included in that process depend on where you want to go and what you have to work with. That means that no two financial plans/expedition maps are alike and they are designed to be flexible over time to meet changing life events.

Investment management is what fuels your ability to follow your map and continue the journey of a lifetime. Your ability to fund your dreams is partially dependent on a solid investment strategy that puts your assets to work in a portfolio driven by your risk tolerance and time frame.

Businessman And Construction Site Manager Looking At Team MakingEssentially, our role is to be your family’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO). While working with our families, our scope of work frequently extends to the generation before and the generation after. Oftentimes, the financial situations of our clients’ parents and children can present a roadblock to a smooth journey which we strive to overcome. Some examples might be: when children reach young adulthood, we can help them address new challenges such as starting a family, a career, etc.; or if parents need help with their finances and estate planning, we’re here to help them too.

On average we meet with our clients 1-2 times per year, but we let our clients dictate how frequently they want to meet. We’ll need to meet a little more frequently up front to get your plan together and implemented, but after that, we can meet in the office, on the phone, or via online.

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